Linch Financial works with clients to identify the most appropriate asset allocation to achieve their investment objectives. Asset allocation requires an understanding of client specific issues and consideration of the economic and market environment. Most importantly, a disciplined approach reflects a longer-term investment focus that seeks to achieve consistent, risk-adjusted after-tax returns over time. Our analysis yields a customized investment strategy tailored to your specific objectives. The firm allocates assets across four major categories based on the expected future performance of each class:

  • Equities
  • Fixed Income
  • Alternative Investments
  • Cash

Equities are part of the growth component in a portfolio. An equities portfolio can consist of various capitalizations (e.g., large and small cap stocks), geographies (e.g., domestic and international stocks) and styles (e.g., core, growth, and value stocks).

Fixed Income is the foundation of an investment portfolio, providing predictable, steady cash flow with a lower risk of capital loss.

Alternative Investments offer returns that are potentially less correlated to the equity index averages and fixed income markets and have the potential to achieve higher returns (e.g., exchange-listed shares of companies going through mergers and/or acquisitions). Adding investments with low correlation to other strategies in a portfolio generally reduces the volatility of portfolio returns. At times we also use prudent equity and/or index options strategies for protection from downside risk and/or to generate additional income for clients.

Cash allocations are most appropriate for situations demanding high levels of liquidity. Cash investments include simple money-market funds, and short-term investments such as municipal instruments, U.S. government agency bonds, CDs, and other fixed income securities.

A customized solution is constructed for you from a range of strategies and services provided by Linch Financial.

  • Prudent Asset Allocation
  • Equities
  • Fixed Income
  • Alternative Investments
  • Cash Accumulation
  • Tax Reducing Emphasis
  • Individualized Portfolio
  • Disciplined Approach
  • Sector Rotation Model
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