Identifying clients’ objectives is central to developing sound investment strategies to meet their needs. The firm uses quantitative and qualitative assessments to help formulate strategies that take into account a client’s risk tolerance and seek to provide consistent after-tax returns over time. As part of this analysis, there are several considerations including, but not limited to:

  • Current holdings and the strategy behind the existing portfolio
  • Current and future tax status
  • Estate / Next generation planning
  • Lifestyle aspirations and income needs
  • Charitable interests
  • Tolerance for market volatility

While clients come to Linch Financial for a variety of reasons including the sale of a business, retirement, inheritance, change in life circumstance, they tend to have key common objectives, among them:

  • Preserving the real value of assets after taxes and inflation
  • Generating sufficient income to maintain the desired lifestyle
  • Building the value of assets without taking inappropriate risks or sacrificing the required income

  • Progressive Asset Allocation
  • Mitigating Risk
  • Portfolio Re-Balancing
  • Tax-Minimization Emphasis
  • Estate Planning
  • Increasing Income
  • Profiting from Volatility
  • >>>Strategy