Linch Financial is a Registered Investment Advisory firm based in Southlake, Texas, which is part of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. We are dedicated to helping our clients live their dreams by providing integrated financial planning and investment strategies for every stage of life.

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We operate as an independent firm that is fee-only, to provide truly objective wealth management solutions for our clients. We’ll do everything we can to help you meet your financial goals and challenges, so you can live the life you envision with peace of mind. We put honesty, integrity, and trust before everything else. Each member of Linch Financial shares important core values and beliefs centered around a devoted commitment to our clients.

TD Ameritrade – Custodian

We take the protection of your assets seriously. For that reason, we have chosen to custody assets with TD Ameritrade, a leading provider of comprehensive brokerage and custody services, which delivers some of the highest levels of security and leading-edge technology available to advisors and their clients. Linch Financial will facilitate the opening of client accounts at TD Ameritrade and manage the accounts for the client. All check deposits are to be made payable to TD Ameritrade. TD Ameritrade delivers, by mail or email, trade confirmations and monthly statements. Accounts are always available for viewing on TD Ameritrade’s website.

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In managing money, we often use exchange-traded funds (ETFs), which typically have low internal expense ratios. Effective October 3, 2019, TD Ameritrade has reduced ticket charges for online exchange-listed stocks, and ETFs (domestic and Canadian), moving from $6.95 to $0.00, and also charges a low fee on options of $.65 per contract with no exercise or assignment fee. So our clients benefit from this new pricing structure on investment products through TD Ameritrade.

Account Protection

SIPC protected

TD Ameritrade, Inc. is a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). With SIPC insurance the securities in your account are protected up to $500,000, of which $250,000 may be applied to cash. Additionally, TD Ameritrade provides $149.5 million worth of protection for each client through supplemental coverage provided by London insurers. This supplemental insurance provides coverage following any brokerage insolvency and does not protect against loss in the market value of securities.

FDIC insured

TD Ameritrade FDIC Insured Deposit Accounts (IDAs) are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Balances in an IDA are held at TD Bank, N.A. and TD Bank USA, N.A., or both, where they are insured by the FDIC against bank failure for up to $250,000 per depositor, per bank. Each bank has separate FDIC coverage of up to $250,000 per depositor for up to $500,000 total per IDA depositor. TD Bank, N.A. and TD Bank USA, N.A. are affiliates of TD Ameritrade.


We do not share your financial information with any individual or organization. However, at your request, we will discuss your situation with others, such as your CPA or attorney.

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Available upon request.

High Net Worth Clients

Linch Financial’s investment strategy caters to high net worth clients. Minimum investment of $250,000 desired.

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Contact us to schedule your complimentary financial review. There is no cost or obligation to review your current situation. We look forward to meeting you.

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